Cristina Luaces

social media executive

Cris is from Barcelona. She is cheerful, friendly and loves to go out and see new places. She is spontaneous, funny, and sb's biggest 'drama queen'—she always cries when she watches a Disney movie.

Curious and organized, among her usual tasks are creation and execution of communication strategies for social media. She is also in charge of the dynamization and Customer Service of different accounts within the Social Department.

Our favorite TikToker confirms that 'white noise' is very effective for sleep. Videos that have hairdryer noises stand out on her Forever Favorite List. She is also a faithful supporter of RCD Espanyol, a Spanish soccer team. We see this assiduously in our follow-up meetings, where she wears a wide range of jerseys from her beloved club—at the same time that she makes us green with envy with her weekend plans.