Engracia Obregón

social media manager

Engracia is very active and restless. And the only thing you can fear from her is giving her more than two cups of coffee per day. Although she suffers from trypophobia, so you can always show her a honeycomb and see how her nerves are taking away.

Her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and her experience in Marketing and Communication make Engracia the perfect match for the Organic Team of Smartbrand. She is a breath of fresh air for the Social team in the management of social networks and the planning of special actions.

If you put together a millennial with a person from the silent generation, the result is Engracia. A “geek” who adores Catan, movies, series... and who combines all of it with her "nana" hobbies: sewing bags, hats or fanny packs; doing the football pools every week; and playing Bingo every other Sunday.