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Creating a social community of fans and for fans

Launching a new line of business, hand in hand with an as yet unborn brand, and managing to stand out in two highly competitive markets. That is the challenge that Planeta DeAgostini set us in what has been, to date, the most ambitious benchmark carried out at sb. With this in mind, we embarked on in-depth research to understand their future users and discover how to connect with them in a way that competitors could have done better, in a way that was coherent with the values of the new brand. Thanks to this work, we identified a clear positioning opportunity and defined several actionable strategic lines of action to reach it. And providing many valuable insights to move confidently into this new territory.

Fanhome - Benchmark Case Study

channels analyzed in 2 countries
prioritized opportunities and highlights
structured content topics and interaction levers
Fanhome - Benchmark Case Study
Fanhome - Benchmark Case Study