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Integrating the different voices to take the brand to the next level

When PlanetadeLibros first spoke to Smartbrand, they needed to unify the many partners that managed their channels (editors, designers, community managers, photographers, videographers) to centralise communication in a single voice. The main challenge was to understand the register they used and, above all, to internalise it and make it their own to transfer it to all written, graphic, and audiovisual communication channels. Not only has this been achieved, but the public that has historically interacted with PlanetadeLibros channels has responded positively regarding engagement, interactions and visits.

Planetadelibros - Social Media case study

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Planetadelibros - Social Media case study
"Smartbrand is a team of expert and passionate people who have shared with us from day one the illusion of making the world a little better place thanks to books and reading."
Mar Gallardo
Content Manager at PlanetadeLibros
Planetadelibros - Social Media case study