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International focus from a centralised social strategy

Jané was looking to grow digitally and boost its digital presence with a particular focus on social profiles. A multinational company and a consolidated brand needed to transfer this positioning to its networks. At Smartbrand, we proposed an international strategy focused on transmitting an image of a technological vanguard recognisable from any territory but with sufficient proximity to connect with users in different countries. After more than five years of managing their social networks, we continue to provide expertise and innovation to improve the defined KPIs.

Jané - Social media case study

5 territories and languages
PRT, ITA, ESP, FRA and Eastern Europe
monthly interactions
users reached monthly
Jané - Social media case study
"We started collaborating with Smartbrand when we only had a community of 15,000 fans on Instagram, and today we have already surpassed 100k followers. A great challenge achieved and by the hand of a great team committed in every way"
Laura Ribes
Marketing and Communication Director at Jané Group
Jané - Social media case study

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