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Capturing leads through app gamification

Transferring a medical evaluation to an app is a challenging task. We proposed this in the user experience and UI design of the INSPIRE+ APP app, whose objectives are to verify that the patient is following medical treatment and to capture leads through its public area. The fundamental criteria governing the conceptualisation of the app are functionality, usability and usefulness. Through a rigorous work process, we integrated a gamification mechanism that is attractive to the user and favours recruitment through exercises and tests.

Given the nature of the app, we are not looking for a high number of registrations but somewhat regular use by the patient. APP INSPIRE+ has become a tremendously effective tool. Thanks to monitoring each patient, the specialists in the Sleep Unit can contact each patient if they see that they are not performing the exercises. It is a very reliable way of confirming that the treatments prescribed solve the problems of snoring and sleep apnea.

BTI Biotechnology Institute - UX&UI design case study

BTI Biotechnology Institute - UX&UI design case study
"From minute one, the entire Smartbrand team was fully involved in the project despite being a complex subject to understand. Their input at all times made the project better. Exceptional work."
Raúl López de Armentia
Head of the Corporate Identity Department at BTI
BTI Biotechnology Institute - UX&UI design case study