Alfonso Martos

new business lead

People who are both strategists and implementers are few and far between, but Alfonso is one. So while some are discussing the best moves from last night's match, he is already scheduling meetings and preparing new business proposals.

What is more, his knowledge of digital marketing, SEO and ecommerce enhances his abilities to convert leads into potential clients. In fact, Alfonso is someone who can spot new business opportunities in the most unlikely places: a tennis court, the popcorn queue ... even the morning traffic jams on the M30! Such a socially active person could only come from the capital.

Alfonso knows more about the latest issues and trends than the Twittersphere, although he always has time to check the news that is really important—the weather, because canceling weekend plans is always a hassle. When he is not knee-deep in work, you'll find him in the countryside, his refuge, or reading about history, his passion.