Carlos Baños

social media executive

Carlos is the definition of a stylish Social Media Executive: an open and communicative personality, aesthetic discernment, and an adventurous spirit—a perfect combo to transform each of our clients' posts into a unique experience. If you're looking for a chic and edgy touch, just take a stroll through the social media platforms where he supports us at Smartbrand (and maybe leave a like while you're at it ;-P).

When he's not exploring some remote corner of the world, Carlos shows his personality not only in fashion, but also in his cultural choices. Whether it's devouring books like "Tan poca vida", enjoying movies like "Call me by your name" or listening to songs by artists like Lana del Rey, Stromae and Angèle.

As you can see, his life is imbued with refined taste and a lot of composure... until you decide to bring up a topic related to geopolitics. That's when you'll notice that his eyes light up in a special way, and he loses control of his impulses. We recommend that you do not bring up this topic when he is around, otherwise he will not be able to stop talking 😂