Said García

junior motion designer

At first, Said may seem shy; but as he gains confidence, you discover that he is a very kind and friendly person—always looking for the good side of things. Besides enjoying spending time with his friends, Said loves playing video games (alone or in company), reading superhero and manga comics, drawing and even cooking. And he loves animals, especially cats! Although he already has two, he could have hundreds.

In his daily work as a Junior Motion Designer, Said develops the images and animations that are part of the different projects within the Experience Design Department. Here we can see his proactive, organized and detail-oriented character.

If we move on to his personal tastes, he enjoys any movie (especially animated ones) and any musical style; although if he had to decide, he would choose Up and the punk-rock music of Green Day. If we talk about his favorite series, he thinks he liked Breaking Bad more than The Walking Dead. And if he could only pick one book, The Diary of Anne Frank would be the one.