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Strategic collaboration in the digital transformation process

The automation sector is immersed in a profound digital transformation. Clients are increasingly well informed and have changed the purchasing process; until recently the purchasing cycle was much longer, now it has shrunk, leading to shorter, more personalised production. The dealership is no longer the focal point: users visit them to get to know the car, but the final decision may be made online.  The new generations respond much more to digital environments and QUADIS, working with Smartbrand, continues advancing its transformation in this direction.
QUADIS case study - transformación digital
QUADIS case study - transformación digital

+7 years

of digital partnership


websites created


dealerships with digital support

QUADIS case study - transformación digital

"The results we have had with Smartbrand mark a before and after. You only have to look at the KPIs. Collaborating with Smartbrand is very easy because they are very involved in the project. They feel as if they were part of the company".

Javier Granados

Marketing Director of QUADIS
QUADIS case study - transformación digital


followers managed on social networks


posts written

2 cars

sold on Twitter

QUADIS case study - transformación digital

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