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Guerrilla and Influencer Marketing Case Study

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Influencer marketing generates conversions

Planeta DeAgostini has very niche, varied target segments and short communication campaigns. In this context, Planeta DeAgostini understands that it must not only connect with customers through traditional mass media or have a presence in social networks but that this connection and presence must be produced with excellent and credible content that generates traffic to the website and, ultimately, conversions. This is what Smartbrand and Planeta DeAgostini jointly achieved through influencer marketing.

Made with WhatCulture for The Infinity Gauntlet // UK

Made with MikelTube for MAXILIME & Co. // Spain

Made with Superheros et Compagnie Jouets for SHARKS & Co. Maxi Edition // France


influencer content interactions in Spain and France

+5 mill.

views of influencer videos in Spain and France


referred visits to the website in Spain and France

Made with Kiosko Sandra for Gorjuss Figures // Spain

Made with iLuTV for Naruto Shippuden Figures // Spain

Made with Los Juguetes de Arantxa for Magiki y MAXILIME & Co. // Spain

"If I had to highlight something about Smartbrand, it would be the ability to reach where the big agencies can't and its business orientation. Smartbrand understands us, and we understand them".

Nuño Pasqual del Pobil

Strategic Marketing & New Business Director of Planeta DeAgostini

Planeta DeAgostini case study - influencer marketing
Planeta DeAgostini case study - influencer marketing

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