Alejandro Alcolea

digital designer

Alejandro is calm and has a very avant-garde mentality. He stands out for being a very empathetic person who loves to develop his creative side on a personal and professional level. The two activities that he enjoys the most and help him to relax are running and playing tennis.

At sb and as digital designer, Alejandro carries out several creative and design tasks. He creates navigable prototypes, tests different variants to find the most suitable graphic solution and makes animations of all kinds. He does not stop until he finds the best option for each objective.

If we talk about his cultural tastes, we have to mention his favorite movie, series, musician, and book: the horror movie Hereditary (he likes it a lot, although he is not sure if it is his favorite one), Breaking Bad (one of our favorite series at sb), the rapper Sticky M.A., and Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott, respectively.