Arnau Darós

social media executive

Traveling, hiking, photographing every place, going to the movies, reading... Arnau is an active but calm guy from Valencia. He is also a caring person. We can confirm it because, from the first moment, he confessed his love to all the Smartbranders. <3 (The feeling is mutual).

His perfectionist character is reflected—day by day—in the execution of social media strategies. He collaborates in the Social Media Department as a social media executive. So much perfection can make other people despair, although everything is compensated by his friendly attitude.

And, as nobody is perfect, Arnau has a big problem remembering names or titles… Although he is clear about his favorite movie, Seven, and his preferred show, The Wire. But, if we ask him what book he would recommend, he is more undecided. He hesitates between Cuatro amigos (Four Friends) by David Trueba, and Slightly Out of Focus by Robert Capa. He also doubts a lot about his favorite singer or band. It could be Tom Misch, Manolo Garcia, Amy Winehouse, Skinshape.... (Good thing he has a hard time remembering names, right?). 😆