Maialen Madariaga

inbound marketing manager

Maialen is an animal lover and with her 3 dogs (Kala, Blas and Pipo) she proves to be the biggest dog-lover in sb. Some Smartbranders don't think so. But has anyone else gone on a trip to the Philippines and rescued a dog from the other side of the world? Maialen is the only one. Try to beat that!

She studied Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Mondragon University. With her specializations in Digital Marketing, Automation and Growth Hacking, Maialen is an extremely organized, transparent and curious marketer. And after having worked at Dog Vivant (seriously?), she joined Smartbrand as a junior growth marketer, where she continues evolving at a great pace.

Our young Duranguesa says that she has a bad memory for names, and that is why she has a notebook where she writes down all the countries where she has been. (She must have visited 26, although she doesn't remember much). As a good Smartbrander she's also fond of TV shows, but she "cheats a bit" because she watches the last episode of each season to avoid surprises. The rest of the Smartbranders were very grateful that she didn't spoil the end of Game Of Thrones :)