Patricia Cid

digital design manager

Patricia is a Scout and has the neckerchief to prove it. When she knows the Catalan territory a little better you’ll find her trekking on some upland route.

This Vigo native is a vegetarian cooking enthusiast who exclusively practices the religion of Jamie Oliver in her kitchen, preparing succulent tupperware boxes of the highest class every day ... though the odd combination lets her down. She would never ever include steamed vegetables or, worse still, Russian salad in her dishes!

Her specializations in Motion Graphics and Digital Publication Design, make Patricia brave enough to add a rotoscoping effect (frame by frame) to an animation.

A pernickety detail-obsessive, she only creates exceptional designs because, to quote a verse from the famous Vanilla Ice song, “Anything less than the best is a felony”. Hang on. Quoting Vanilla Ice. Come on, Patricia.