Eva Gundermann

PPC specialist (AWF)

Eva loves reading, hiking, travelling, sailing – hobbies that might suggest a quiet and peaceful life. But all is not as it seems. Eva has lived in Japan and Singapore, crossed the Atlantic by sailboat and walked in the Sinai Desert. Is that enough?

Her extensive experience in managing large Google Adwords and SEO campaigns and being a natural polyglot (she speaks German, French, English, Italian and Portuguese) bring added value to Smartbrand, where she provides support as a PPC Specialist (AWF).

Energetic and positive, Eva has one declared phobia: bad coffee. In fact, she often tells of how she travelled to Japan with her own coffee-maker in her carry-on luggage! We hope Smartbrand's coffee is to her liking. We wouldn’t want to join George Clooney and Jaime Cantizano on her blacklist.