Héléna Garnier

social & influencer marketing specialist (AWF)

An intriguing challenge and a stunning city are definitely the key factors that would convince Héléna to embark on a new professional project. Our Social & Influencer Marketing Specialist has traveled to several countries before coming to Barcelona, including France, Argentina, Australia, and even... New Caledonia!

Héléna studied Communication and obtained a Master's Degree in Communication Strategy and Management. These skills make her the ideal person to manage Social Media and Influencer Marketing projects on French territory.

As a child, she liked rescuing chicks at fairs, but her hobbies have changed over time. Her happiness now comes from going out with friends to experience the gastronomy of each place or staying at home, enjoying some Netflix & Chill with a tub of delicious ice cream. Have we mentioned her immense love for food?