Javier Calleja

content & data editor

Javi is a meticulous online editor and writer of content and information, whose training in Business Adminstration and Management and his digital native character help him write valuable texts for users without losing the business focus and SEO parameters for a second.

A keywords addict, Javi puts his language in the service of an idea or a goal, never forgetting that, overall, he is building a brand.

Do a Google search for "what is a gamer?" or "who is a gamer?" or "meaning of gamer” and you'll probably find a photo of Javi ... or a link to this biography. Because Javi is a proper gamer, as well a wearables addict, and often boasts that no one could beat him at Arkanoid on the Atari. Having seen his PS Network profile, we believe him, LOL.

P.S. We hope no one notices that we asked him to write his own search engine optimized biography of Javier Calleja.