Juan González

SEO specialist (AWF)

Juan is analytical and perfectionist. He is a consultant who specializes in e-commerce projects and likes to have everything well planned. When he is not measuring results, he loves to read a good book, take his dogs for a walk or engage in outdoor activities.

In his extensive experience, he has worked with more than 100 clients and has audited hundreds of websites—which has allowed him to learn and discover very useful tools in the world of digital marketing. All this know-how and his comprehensive Data Studio templates are fully implemented in sb's Digital Acquisition Department.

Leaving aside the professional part of Juan's work, he has many favorite movies. Although, if he had to choose one, he would pick Interstellar. His favorite series is The Wire and his go-to book is Deep Work by Cal Newport. As for music, his favorite band is The Beatles—which leads to interesting debates among the people of sb. Are they overrated? Are The Rolling Stones better? We love to gossip! 😜