Laura Ros

social team lead

Laura is a Valenciana who undermines all possible preconceptions about her homeland: she doesn't cook paellas, doesn't sunbathe and doesn't drink horchata. Fortunately, since we came across a photo of her on the front row at a good Valencian mascletà her reputation remains intact ;)

With a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and studies in New Communication Trends, Laura assures us that she will never have too many Twitter accounts to streamline or Facebook events to attend. The only difference is that while the accounts do get streamlined in record time, she is more "Interested" in the events than actually attending them.

As a pilates teacher and winner of the prize for the fastest bivouac at her Scout camp, our social team lead has managed (after long hours of meditation and zen) to make herself the perfect colleague for Marc, and they are occasionally seen sharing hiking routes. Everything fits.