Lluch García

social media executive

The first thing that surprised us about Lluch was her name. Although she is already used to explaining its meaning. She is from Alzira, a town near Valencia, where the patron saint is La Verge del Lluch (The Virgin of Lluch), so her name is very common there. If we dig a bit deeper, this Smartbrander likes to watch series and movies, listen to music and hang out with friends. Oh, she also loves to write. In fact, she published a book of poems a few years ago.

With a background associated with the literary world, Lluch works as a Social Media Executive at sb. She collaborates in the management of social networks and in the planning of the strategies that we develop for different clients. She also participates in the ideation of special and tactical actions.

If we ask her about her cultural tastes, she says she's addicted to This Is Us and a loyal follower of two great Spanish podcasts: "Deforme Semanal" ("Weekly Misshapen") and "Estirando el chicle" ("Stretching The Chewing Gum"). If we talk about music, the list gets longer: Zahara, Amaia, Missy Elliott, Vulfpeck, Manel, Amy Winehouse... But if we move on to books, choosing becomes more complicated for her. She really likes Esta herida llena de peces (This Wound Full of Fish) by Lorena Salazar. And if she had to go to a desert island, the book she would take with her would be... her eBook. 🤣