Luis Rivero

social media executive

Luis is very passionate about Eurovision and not very fond of coriander. He devours all the books he can—El lector de Julio Verne (by Almudena Grandes) is his favorite one—while he plans all the trips that his free time allows him to do. When he is not discovering new places, you can find him on a terrace having a drink with the people he loves the most. In addition, if he has chosen the music, songs by Lole and Manuel or Zahara will sound.

This social media executive applies all his creativity to copywriting and planning strategies for the social media profiles of the clients we work with at sb. He also performs different analyses to detect possible improvements.

His favorite movies are The Great Beauty and Toy Story 3, and his favorite series is The Good Wife. But, to this day, he has not managed to get Aquí no hay quien viva—the first one, the real one—out of his head. With this confession, more Smartbranders have acknowledged being fans of this Spanish series... Most surprising is that Luis has time to see Juan Cuesta's Community reruns, but not to see memorable classics, such as The Godfather. 😱